"God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages."



It's difficult and painful to believe this, but right now, there are an estimated 27 million people enslaved in our world. Of these, the majority of them are women and children who are taken into a dark underground world of forced prostitution. 

Started in 2011, "Free The Birds" is a fundraising project and partnership with our listeners. We raise money by selling handmade cedar birdhouses (made in my basement), various FTB merchandise, and by taking donations at our headline concerts all over the country. Together, we've raised over $25,000 and counting to help this cause. 100% of these proceeds are given to non-profit organizations that fight to end human sex trafficking and serve the women and children who have been trapped in it. The non-profit organizations that we support include Abolition International, Love146, and The Daughter Project. 

Free The Birds is specifically focused on building and staffing homes that provide help, community, and healing to girls who have been rescued from the sex trade.  I see the birdhouse as a powerful symbol of the refuge, redemption, and grace that these girls deserve. 

Over the years, we've received "thank you" cards, beautiful artwork, and wedding day photos from girls who have been through these homes. We know that there is redemption and justice in this heartbreaking story and we want there to be more of it. These girls have names, hometowns, and dreams...and with your support, they have hope too.