We're only 2 nights into the Hometowns & Campgrounds Tour and are already feeling incredibly grateful for this experience. The best part has been getting to spend an entire evening with a broken-in group of family & friends. Our hosts have been super hospitable and gracious and made us feel at home right away.

So far, both nights have ended around a campfire telling stories and playing songs. Then. we sleepily stumble right into our camper only a couple feet away for bed. 

- Meeting a crazy guy named "Turtle Man" in KY who is apparently a TV celebrity

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 10.08.32 PM.png


- Sitting around a campfire playing  classic songs with the some of the Kentucky Fellowship Bluegrass players (I couldn't keep up).
- A delicious steak dinner with cheesy potatoes and quality time with "Mama and Papa" Burns in OH. 

Headed to Fort Wayne, IN tonight! Talk to you soon.


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