It's been about 4,000 miles and 15 shows since my last update.

We've since played in Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and are about to play in upstate New York.

We are now officially past the halfway point now... can't believe how fast this tour is going by.  I still feel really energized which is remarkable considering how much ground we've covered since September 25th. Gracie is also still holding up like a champ and I wouldn't be having nearly as much fun without her. 

One of the coolest things I'm learning is how diverse my audience is. It's been powerful to get to know the spectrum of people who are listening. I'm humbled to have a small voice in such a wide range of different walks of life. 


-Rooftop marriage proposal in downtown St. Louis.  

-Backyard show in Nashville for some of Belmont's finest.

-Playing shows for my family & friends into Bridgeville, PA (My Mom's hometown) and Chatham, NJ (my Dad's hometown). 

-An exciting physical altercation in Ohio with 8 drunk guys in pursuit of our stolen extension cord. Everyone is okay. 

-The steak I ate on my birthday in Rittman, OH.

-Custom designed camper cake that Noel baked in Fiskdale, MA.

-Campfires 5 nights a week. 

Again, thank you everyone who is making this little dream a reality. 

See you soon.